Disclosure & Privacy

Information we collect

We at Fashionectar collect two sorts of information.

  • Information that you volunteer to share with us via electing the option to receive our email notifications and newsletters, choosing to be a part of our discussion forums, any sort of surveys we might conduct and any giveaways that we might promote on our website.
  • We also collect information based on the type of pages or the type of content you visit often as compared to the type you don’t. Tracking such information helps us build our blog around our users’ needs and preferences and allows us to cater to our audience at large. We do not share this information with any third party, maintaining every user’s privacy at all times.

How we use your information

We use the information that you provide us with to adapt our blog to your needs, so that we can reach out to you better in the form of improved content, that correlates with what you would like to see on our blog. Moreover, it also helps us understand your preferences so that we can send newsletters and email notifications to you accordingly while also allowing you to be a contributor to our discussion forums. None of the information you choose to share with us will be liable or available to any third party.

Tracking information about the kind of content you view on our website allows us to form a better chart about the kind of content that receives more traffic and the kind that doesn’t. This helps us modify our blog further to capture our audience’s interest with posts that are directed towards their inclination.

Transfer of information

Unless demanded by law or to protect your interests, we will not disclose any of the information that you voluntarily share with us or the tracking information we collect, with any third party, maintaining our users privacy.

Controlling your personal information

Contrary to popular belief, you decide and choose what you want to share with us. And with that comes the opt out policy that entails that you can opt out of receiving email notifications, newsletters, and can choose not to participate in any interactive session or discussion on the website, which includes forums, comments and private messages. If under any circumstances, you have subscribed to us, and no longer wish to share such information with us, you can unsubscribe at any given time. Your consent is an absolute necessity and by using our website, you are agreeing to giving it to us, where your information is concerned.


The tracking information we collect is via cookies that we insert in your browser. If you do not wish to share that information with us, you can easily delete the cookies from your browser files.

Underage audience

Personal information is not collected from children under the age of 13, without explicit parental consent.

Terms and modifications to this privacy statement

When you decide to use our website, you offer your consent to use your information and to comply with our privacy policy and whatever it entails. As such, if there are any changes made in the privacy policy, you will be informed of those changes and how they will affect your usage of this website.

Contact us

If you find anything objectionable or have a disagreement with any of the clauses maintained in this privacy policy, you can contact us at info@fashionectar.com to inform us of your opinion or problem.