9 Budget Friendly, Organic and Sustainable Kids Clothing Brands


Young kids are like plants, as every mother or father will tell you. They constantly outgrow their garments and make new clothes a major cost for parents. The U.S. Department of Agriculture report for 2017 states that American families of children under 18 years of age spent $688 to $1193 a year on clothing, depending on their earnings and age. A survey from the National Retail Federation in 2019 revealed the American household having to spend a few more $240 solely on shopping garments in that year. There are two main ways for you to stop wasting so much on clothing that your kids will only grow out in a matter of a few months. First you can implement intelligent shopping techniques to invest in your children’s wardrobes every year as little as feasible. Secondly, you can make your children’s clothing last as long as you can to avoid running back to the store in mid-year to replace them. Apart from it, you can choose some budget-friendly brands to shop for your kids. That way you won’t need to compromise on quality and style. Besides, kids are going to grow anyway and you’ll need to buy new clothes for them.  Given below is a list of some budget friendly brands you can check while shopping for your kids



PACT produces certified organic cotton and equitable underpants, essentials and clothing products for the whole family, including newborn babies and children. A variety of unisex wear like shorts, tears, pajama pants, hooded sweatshirts, shorts, dresses, jumpsuits, and sleepers are available. And all of them are affordable too. Nevertheless, their latest Baby and Toddler collections provide parents with classical, ethically-based clothing that their children will like in an affordable manner. Parents have no affordable choices for high-quality organic essentials than PACT. 

2. Boody


Boody is offering a beautiful collection of fundamental baby clothing such as jeans, napkins, body cloths, ankle socks, pants, muslin packs, beans, bibs and sweaters for your babies. They have reasonably priced natural bamboo garments. Crafted in Australia and made appropriately in China, Boody Baby clothing is super soft and is ideal for the growing body of your baby. 

3. Mini Mioche


The Mini Mioche label for children’s apparel serves children up to the age of 12. The brand plays a key role in making very comfy clothing, which include teas, jumpers, sweat, caps, sleepers and jeans with GOTS-certified organic cotton that is shipped from India and Korea explicitly. The used colorings do not encompass formaldehyde or other rough contaminants, and all clothing is made and knitted domestically in Toronto. The Mini Mioche set is created to last, and since the styles and patterns are ageless and neutral in gender, they can be transferred on for future years to younger siblings. 

4. Jackalo


Jackalo has a new and interesting catalogue of boys and girls’ unique items. In this family-owned company, sustainable development is the subject of all factors. Developers use bio-cotton for reducing the effect on the populations where cotton is grown of pesticides and fertilizers. They also prioritize energy efficient procedures of manufacture and development and the reduction of material waste. Jackalo is a wonderful option to build a durable wardrobe for children if you are looking for some good, high-quality investment products for your children.

5. Petit Tembo


You can’t go beyond Petit Tembo, a Canadian brand, in gender neutral styles, which showcase pullers and teas made with organic cotton. If you choose to dress your kids in super-casual neat robes with worthwhile designs that help to develop their global picture, this brand can be a great option for you. Elephant prints are also on some of their splendid children’s tees that children from Kisumu Hope Restoration draw by hand. Indeed, 20% of the net income is spent by charity: the Restructuring of the Kisumu Hope and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, one of the oldest organizations in Africa.

6. Finn + Emma


Finn + Emma offers you pleasant clothing for your beloved babies from newborn babies to four-year-olds. All their garments are crafted in reasonable market environments and they’re so adorable you’d like to see them redeemed in Finn + Emma’s outfits if you had grown kids. All clothing is made of eco-friendly components like 100% organic cotton, organic dyes and even baby toys composed of organic wood and conscientiously in India. 

7. Art & Eden


Art & Eden inspires us to come back to nature and create an environment in which our kids can flourish and love the world. This children’s clothing brand in NYC has amusing styles that use organic cotton, recyclable materials and low-impact pigments in a sustainable way. In addition, they not only provide your children and the biosphere with non – toxic materials for their catalogues; they have been able to help 5,000 children across the country to become healthy and free from parasitic infections through their Clothes for Cure program. Art & Eden covers the size of babies to the size 10 of girls and boys. 

8. Colored Organics


Colored Organics produces all its clothes in 100 percent GOTS-certified natural products and also emphasizes on employees and manufacturers’ ethical working environment. The brand works only with factories that offer their employees fair pay and suitable working environments. They also spend a portion of their money each month helping a well-known, non-profit organization. The quality of their manufactured clothing is worth admiring. Their clothes can last for a longer period of time in good condition. 

9. Lark Adventurewear


Lark Adventurewear has been manufacturing environmentally friendly clothing with  bamboo fabric for kids. The material is licensed by Oeko-tex  and is manufactured in the United States of America. They have adorable items such as cute parts and exciting, but plain dresses with lovely designs that are not odd or overdone at all. Since they’re made of natural fabric, it does not contain any harmful chemicals thus protecting the soft skin of your little child. They have neutral unisex designs that are best for both girls and boys.