Best Brands for Baby Girl Party Dresses for All Occasions


Babies enter the world with small toes and fingers, spongy cheeks and the softest possible skin. And only if you think that they couldn’t get a cuter, you can dress them in small, lovable costumes. Baby girls are soft and adorable, bubbling and sassy at occasions. You need accessories that complement their personalities. It really doesn’t seldom have to be rose and cute ballet dancer costumes for girls, sometimes it can be bohemian black or blue sailor. Certainly, you can hit tons of baby shops and significant stores looking for good items or spend hours and hours browsing online. While purchasing outfits for your little angel, you will find that many brands of baby clothing have organic products. They are particularly good for the skin of your baby, because clothes are soft and chemical-free. The decent options are wool and other natural materials such as linen, since they do not trap baby’s skin’s moisture. Following are some of the brands you can consider while purchasing clothes for your baby girl. 


1. Joules

Joules is a renowned name in the world of fashion. They have become one of the favorite brands in the USA, having started in Britain. Their baby girl clothes compilation is just awesome. The material used by them is mostly organic hence preventing the skin of your girl from any damage. It seems to have a series of items and even outfits for your little girl from tops and pants to leggings. They have a good variety of party wear for your baby girl that you might want to look at. 

2. Tea Collection

Tea Collection is amongst the most popular brands for baby girls’ clothing. Their products fit a wide variety of identities and they have figured out ways to represent every pattern. The material used in the manufacturing of their clothes is durable and will stay the same even after multiple washes. The romper collection of this brand is particularly favorite since fashion of rompers never fades away and can be perfect party wear. Along with rompers, they have many other comfortable and decent styles that your baby girl can wear to a party and look adorable. 


MORI is a UK brand specializing in the production of the greatest possible baby clothes from sustainable components.  And to this date, they have succeeded in crafting remarkable dresses. Their dresses are soft and made of organic material that gives your baby girl a great comfort along with protection from harmful and unwanted chemicals that can be harsh on the skin of your baby. Their dresses are so adorable that you’d wish to have one in your size as well. MORI provides lovely one pieces, sweet designs and iconic patterns that can give your baby girl an outstanding look at any party. The quality and designs are so unique and comfortable that this brand might become one of your must visit. 

4. Kids Case

The Kids Case is an indie brand initiated from the beginning of the 2000s. Having its head office in Amsterdam, this brand is basically a Dutch company. However, one must not judge it before keenly observing its style and quality. Their clothing styles and patterns are modern. The patterns used by them are up to the date and stylist. They have a huge collection of basic clothing along with fancy ones that are best suitable for parties or other formal occasions. Manufacturing material used by Kids Case is completely organic thus ensuring safety of your kids. 

5. Baby Dior

Baby Dior is a type of brand that can give your baby a royalty feeling. Their beautiful designs and patterns are nothing less than something royal. They have very decent and neat dresses with no extra accessories or patterns. Their designs are mostly elegant and graceful. Dresses by Baby Dior can surely give your baby girl a graceful and elegant look in any party. Even though dresses are simple, they are still very cute and trendy. If you want your baby girl to stand out at a party or any other occasion, Baby Dior can be a good option. 

6. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a well recognized designer brand normally known for its incredible dresses for adults. However, their collection in baby wear is not very unknown. They have super cute dresses that can surely give your baby girl a vintage and retro feeling. Dresses by Ralph Lauren have a cute traditional touch as well and are sometimes designed in a way to give you a major old times flashback. However, they are perfect to give your baby girl a cute yet vibrant look for any occasion. 

7. Gymboree

Gymboree is a well recognized brand for their adorable kid wear collection. They have a number of cute dresses that can make your baby girl shine. Moreover, Gymboree have a specific collection just for new born babies. Having this category is perfect so your new born angel is not left behind on any party or occasion. Most adorable thing about Gymboree is that they break the common tradition of neutral color baby dresses and add funky yet classy colors in their collection so your little baby girl can walk in style. 

8. GAP baby

GAP, though best known for  adult clothing, has a wide collection of kids’ wear. They have a wide collection ranging from different sizes and ages. They have a very calming and pastel color collection that gives your kid a very cold and classy look. Their designs are a true picture of decency and grace. Fabric used by GAP is soft, keeping in view the comfort of your baby. They have a great collection of formal dresses your baby girl can wear on any special occasion. Along with it, they have a good collection for semi-formal wear as well that can be worn both casually or any less formal event.