Is Fashion A Tool For Self-Realization for Ladies?


In the modern era, one cannot overlook the importance of fashion. In simple words, in this competitive era where everybody is striving hard to achieve their certain goals; fashion becomes a basic necessity. It would not be wrong to say that it is a self-realization for us that one need to keep him/herself up-to-date as per fashion and society demands. You might be thinking what actually fashion demands? And what is meant by self-realization? Well, this is quite simple.

Following the Standards of Fashion become a Compulsion

Centuries ago, the standard of clothing used to be considered an essential thing in a female’s life. Obviously, a lady should appear glamorous and classy at the same time. In fact, competitive era demands from everyone to appear dazzling because your personality or way of doing fashion shows your inner-self and confidence. However, the rules of fashion are a bit strict for females as compared to males. A lady needs to carry herself perfectly as per the festive demands.

The Myth of Fashion becomes a Tool of Self-realization

In the past, the fashion was just a myth for a low standard family; but with the passing time it becomes a need of everyone living in the society. In the old times, it was considered or you can say reserved for elite class; but modern world demands from every class to appear stunning and up to mark. With the passing time, ladies get more rights and an honorable place in the society realized them the need to reflect their amazing and modern clothes they are wearing. Modern clothing trends not only become helpful for ladies to appear stunning, but also open a dimension for fashion designers to introduce new designs for them.

20th Century, a Drastic Change in the Fashion Industry

If we talk about 20 Century, the use of skirts and down button shirts were commonly used by ladies. Especially, in the western world; it was very common but nowadays, eastern world has also adopted their fashion trends to get classy appearance. A few years back, the use of prom dresses, maxi dresses, long shirts, jeans and skirts was considered an old fashion, but with every passing day; the designers are introducing the old fashion in a new form. There are a number of designs, shapes, colors and stuff available in the market that following old trends, but can offer you a new and modern look. In fact, “BOYISH LOOK” that used to be associated with male outfits and fashion turned out to be female trends.

The use of dress shirts, jeans, loose sitting belts, even other male fashion accessories are getting popular among ladies. Nowadays, the females have start taking haircuts like males to appear dominant and classy. Basically, the main reason behind females are adopting different fashion trends is to show the world that they are equal to men. It is a way of self-realization for males as well as for themselves that they can do anything they want to do in their lives. Nothing can demotivate them from their objectives that is something really important in the current world, if you want to achieve your goals.

What does Self-Realization Actually mean?

If we talk about latest fashion trends, then wearing western clothes is quite popular not only in western countries, but females from different parts of the world. No doubt, a girl appears classy as well as dazzling in jeans, but wait! Self- realization does not only mean to adopt latest fashion trends. However, you should what actually suits you well and how you can maintain yourself properly among others. Therefore, it is very important to know for which fashion and style; you should go for. Below, we will talk about some of the latest trendy fashion styles that will help you to appear glamorous and decent at the same time.

Button Down Shirt is back in town

If you really want to appear astounding nowadays, then make sure to have a few classy button down shirts in your closet. Undoubtedly, if you desire to achieve your goals in this competitive era; adopting fashion trends should be on your priority list. There are a number of styles available in button down shirt, now this is your job to choose the right color, size, style and shape for you to get awesome appearance. Moreover, things do not end here! You also need to be cognizant about your footwear and jeans. Button down shirts look awesome with flapper and jeans. However, make sure not to mismatch the colors while wearing your attire. In addition, when it comes to footwear then wearing heals are the best option that can make you look outstanding and incredible among others.

Pants and Trousers are highly demanded nowadays

In the past decades, pants were used to consider as boys attire. However, things have changed now and females also love to wear pants, jeans and trousers with their shirts to get an amazing appearance. Basically, denim and khaki are very much in fashion nowadays. Therefore, it would be great if you have denim and khaki in your wardrobe because both of the fabrics will add charm in your persona. In addition, color selection plays a vital role in making your personality distinguish. Currently, bold colors are very much in fashion, so prefer blue, black, red, yellow and brown in denim and khaki. On the other hand, when it comes to pants and trousers, black and brown are the ideal colors for both men and women. A few years back, designers never thought of introducing zipper pants for ladies. However, females love to wear zipper pants as they add style and sexiness to their personality.

The Bottom Line

Everybody of us know that glamor is the second name of fashion. In short, picking new fashion trends become a compulsion for us to accomplish our objectives. Therefore, the best way to keep yourself aware of latest fashion trends is to read fashion blogs, magazines and watch fashion shows. In simple words, fashion is not only the tool of self-realization, but it’s a mirror for us to see where we actually stand in the society. So, time to appear classy, creative and an achiever among others.