A fashion show just like other shows is also a platform available for the fashion designer to showcase their talent by presenting their line of clothing along with the most suitable accessories. Fashion shows are held more than once in a year but the latest fashion trends are set in the beginning of the four seasons only.

Fashion weeks are mandatory to boost up the business world. This single week of event unites all the designers, models, media, buyers, stylists, etc. The fashion weeks brought colors to the country full of dull boring businesses.


New York fashion week

When we talk about the top class fashion, one of the names that comes in mind is of NEWYORK FASHION WEEK. This is one of the ‘big fours’ of the world i.e. the big four fashion weeks. Not only this, if it is considered nationally, New York is the best among all. They have the best designers of the city working for them exhibiting there splendid line of clothing.

This fashion week is held bi-annually, it starts from February and ends in September showing off a series of remarkable fashion shows. The first ever event proposed by the New York clothing was called the ‘press week’ which was a great hit and the rest followed by.


Scottsdale Fashion Week

Another out class fashion event displays both national and international famous brands presenting the latest and the best they have.

If we say that this week truly depicts our dreams that would not be false because this is the platform of Arizona showcasing the outfits in which we can only dress up ourselves in our own fairy tales.

Other than exhibiting the fashion of both world that is national and international, SFW has a plus point by the arrangement of live music show which increase the attraction of the fashion shows.


Miami Fashion Week:

This Fashion Week is arranged every year in spring bringing along the wave of rainbow. Since Miami is a beach, its fashion trend truly displays the location of the city.

Miami is more into resort fashion wears because it makes a lot of international tourists comfortable considering that the city is close to the ocean. But besides resort, it also has an amazing collection of men’s wear, evening dresses, etc.

The Miami Fashion Week is also considered as the longest running week due to variety of beautiful clothing.


Los Angeles Fashion Week

When we talk about Fashion how can we forget the coolest city of United States? Los Angeles is one of those whose Fashion Week is held twice a year, in March and October. The Fashion Week is presented by multiple producers organizing the event throughout the city.

In precise words of LA times ‘Fashion Week in Los Angeles occurs in every spring and fall with multiple organization holding events shortly after Paris show is wrapped up’

The latest daily wear of LA is always denim, maxi dresses or rompers. The LA fashion week is now considered as the Fifth capital of fashion week.



This Fashion show, originally named as Macy’s, is an annually arranged Fashion event taking place in LA, Minneapolis and even in Chicago.

Glamorama also represents the American and internationally recognized designers and models. And about dresses in Macy’s, you would always find a mix of vintage and modern giving it a new yet classy look showing off in every year’s fall collection proudly.


Dallas Fashion Week

This week was launched by the partnership of Los Angeles, New York and the Dallas Marketing Center which is the largest whole sale market.

This unique yet classy week consist of several fashion shows gathering all the social media and various other brand industries to have a look at their latest style of clothing presented by the designers of regional, national and international.


Fashion Week Cleveland

This week of fashion held in Cleveland, Ohio is third largest fashion week of the United States and is among the fourteen best shows in North America.

It is organized in the first week of May showing off the colorful printed new designs by the emerging American Fashion designers ready to get any chance they have.


Detroit Fashion Week

It is a full week event presented annually in August. This week was produced by Brain Health in 2005.

The Fashion Week has designers working for it from all over the United States and models too. It showcase majorly the Michigan clothing.

Not only this, Detroit Fashion Week also supports and sponsor two other main events of fashion shows which held in summer and in winter.


Men’s Fashion Week Los Angeles

In 2010, it was suggested to rise and increase the fashion week of LA to Men’s Fashion Week Los Angeles. Different fashion designs were created by famous designers raising the LA men’s wear to the top five of the world’s best.

This week is a two time show occurring in January and June i.e. once in summer and in winter. It broadcast a decent yet elegant fashion show following the women’s fashion week of LA.


DC Fashion Week

The Fashion Week of District of Colombia represents four shows in a year displaying different kind of local fashions.

It is the best platform for the designers to showcase their talent in low prices. This fashion week is the cheapest because they hire the models who give auditions for this specific event only, they do not require branded high class models thus saving the amount.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami

This week is different from the Miami Fashion Week and is held only once in a year in summers in Florida.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week works together with the New York Fashion Week. In this fashion week swim wears are being modeled by the super hit models from all over the country and is exhibited near the Miami Beach.

It is the largest and the most important fashion week for swim wears.