Melania Trump – A Debatable Fashion Icon in 2019?

Melania Trump Fashion IconAmerica gets its new first lady Melania Trump. No doubt, she is gorgeous and a talented former model that can afford to purchase any couture she wants. She born on April 26, 1970 and wife of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Well, the question that comes in everybody’s mind is that whether she really deserve to be the first lady of the United States? Or is she just a fashion icon?

However, when the new president Trump and his family came out of the White House, she didn’t get as much appreciation from the public as Michelle Obama got. Obama’s wife was not having any connection with the fashion industry, but she is the lady that impressed everybody from her intelligence.

Well, Melania is known for her efforts in supporting her husband in his presidential campaigns. According to her:

“I supported Donald because I know his capabilities and what he can do for America. He loves the people living in the American and he always wanted to help them in every field of life”.

On January 20th, Melania has been considered as the First Lady for the United States. She is the second foreigner women who have achieved this position, having fluency in two languages. She is also one of the tallest females to hold the office, well Michelle Obama was having the same height like her. Though, she is not being praised by the public or the people of America as Michelle Obama was.

In an interview with The New York Times in 1999, she was asked that what will be her role if Donald will become the president of the USA. Her response:

“I would behave very traditionally. She just wanted to help poor kids and ladies and will stop the negativity, social media is presenting among young infants.”

Before the election, she also said while talking to a crowd:

“Our culture and tradition has become too rough. Especially, our kids do not know the moral values. In fact, it has never been okay when a young infant is being murdered, bullied or attacked. Things need to be sorted out in an ideal way”.

Despite of her attractive looks, encouraging interviews and statements; she still didn’t get the position like Michelle. The last but not the least; becoming an icon is not about having a pretty face or any connection with an international fashion platform.