RED CARPET – Celebrity style and Fashion


Fashion, the word itself is a very broad term with variety of meanings. This word can be as simple as “Style of clothing” or as demanding as “Story teller about a person”. Fashion is language or way of communicating the person’s story, his/her inner thoughts with the people around them. At times, fashion is reviewed as a border line which sets the current popular items for clothing and accessories. In today’s world it has become a necessity of everyone’s life, leading to a more similar and simpler lifestyle.

Award show is a platform provided by the media where celebrities from all over the places, gather, dressed in their best fashion wear. These fashion wears are reviewed by the people, some of them are criticize due to their bad taste in fashion or due to people’s disability to have fashion sense while on the other hand some are praised highly too. Award shows are conducted every year or sometimes twice in a year. The most recent award shows of past year are described here:

The Oscars


The first word that comes to the mind, while discussing award show is the OSCAR award, which is the most popular award show. All the big stars have an attraction to this show and consider it a great opportunity to increase their fan club. The 2019 show of the Oscar was filled with stunningly dressed women and men. Men opted for bow tie to go along with their perfectly tailored tuxedos like Bradley Cooper in his jet black tuxedo and black boots, and women, most of them, suggested that it would be thoughtful to go for the graceful simple one colored gowns as Charlize Theron thrives her beauty in dust blue full sleeved, backless gown, Gemma Chan with her high neck sleeveless tail gown was looking lovely.

The Golden Globe Award


Golden Globe is always the start of year’s red carpet fashion. This award show represents the best in motion picture and television films. When it comes to fashion celebrities have always walked on the red carpet with style. In the present year, Hollywood’s most talented ladies and gentleman have stepped out in their best outfits to showcase their elegant and charming personalities. A woman like Lady Gaga, who is well known, was dressed in a beautiful blue off shoulder gown with puffy balloon sleeves and a flowing train. Another young beautiful actress, Gemma Chan, presents all her glory in a stunning navy blue gown which provides volume too. Men, not coming slow, show their glamour and style in handsome suits assist with bow tie or neck tie, high-class branded watches, and don’t forget about the handmade Italian or nice well made shoes. Just like Stephan James wearing Ralph Lauren suit with a bow tie and Chopard watch and cufflinks.

Grammy Awards


Grammy is the Music’s biggest night. This award show does not fail to impress the fashion industry. From bold suits and vibrant colors to simple yet elegant dresses, not a single celebrity disappoints. Ladies depict themselves in different eye-catching styles of gowns like Ariana Grande; she wore a puffy grey ball gown showing Cinderella moment. Rosalia, for instance, set her eyes for vibrant red wrap dress with silver accessories and nail polish. These vibrant colors were reflected in Men’s wear as for Lil Nas X who chose to wear hot-pink Versace Harness suit with golden studs on it. On the other hand some men thought to keep it classy by wearing long or mid-thigh coats along with high neck shirts and jeans like the K-pop stars BTS. 

Seoul Music Awards


This Korean award show is held every year to celebrate the best of the music industry. The show is graced not only by artist but also by actors, all of them ready to spend the night with their glamorous dresses. Fashion in Korea is much different from others, ladies with their eye catching beauty goes for tight shirts accompanied with skirts like Chungha in Seoul Award 2020 wore tight shirt and skirt looking very pretty, with written print on it. Or some opted simple elegant long gowns to showcase their simplicity just like Kassy with off shoulder plain gown, Kim Hye Yoon with net body full sleeved gown making them looking lovable. Besides women, men chose short and long coats with bow tie or neck tie as accessory with them.

Fashion industry is a very vast area when discussed internationally. It cannot be summarized because of wide range of designs and accessories. Fashion is one of those things which won’t remain constant for much longer period of time and because of that the celebrities always tends to choose and follow the latest fashion trend to make themselves outstanding and eye catching for their fans and to make themselves remarkable in the industry.