Types of fabric suitable for baby clothes & children’s clothes


Most parents blindly follow fashion trends in children’s clothing. Also, the majority prefers style and design but seldom do parents consider the fabric.

As a parent, the fabric is a primary factor you need to consider while buying clothes for your little ones. If your little one is not comfortable in the clothes, he will feel irritated the whole day. 

In addition, it is essential to consider good ventilation and the ability to absorb moisture while buying clothes. 

The question is – which is the best fabric for kids’ clothing? There are many fabrics – that are comfortable and absorb moisture quickly – making your little one happy. Let’s dive deep and discuss some types of fabrics suitable for baby clothes & children’s clothes.

1. Cotton 

Perhaps the safest choice – cotton is number one on the list. 

  • It is considered to be one of the most comfortable and environmentally friendly fabrics. 
  • As cotton allows air to pass through – and can retain moisture, there is no allergic reaction on the skin. 
  • It is a super fabric for kids and babies with sensitive skin. 
  • Cotton is 100% lightweight, making it most suitable for small babies. 
  • Unlike other fabrics, it does not cling to the skin – providing the comfort your small baby needs. 

Moreover, it’s the only fabric that can dry super fast – and you know how fast kids need a changeover. The only drawback it has is – that it is difficult to iron. 

2. Linen 

Linen is another soft and lightweight fabric that makes up for a perfect choice for baby clothes. 

  • Like cotton, it is a natural fabric, so your little one will feel comfortable the whole day. 
  • Linen is the perfect fabric for hot summer weather when your babies feel the heat. 
  • Moreover, it passes the air well – and absorbs moisture better than other fabrics. 

However, the natural linen clothes option may be hard to touch, so it is better to stick to thinner options. 

Clothes made from thin linen are perfect for any weather. The only drawback is – that the clothes may fade after a while. 

3. Fleece 

Fleece is an artificial fabric used for manufacturing children’s clothing

  • The fabric comes with many advantages like – it is durable, easy to clean, and dries quickly. 
  • Fleece is a perfect fabric for the little one,  as you don’t have to change the clothes several times a day. 
  • As it dries up quickly, you can use the fabric easily for your little ones. 
  • Besides, it does not cause allergies to the skin. It is safe for small babies and bigger kids. 

Moreover, it has gained a lot of popularity over time for outerwear and sportswear. Also, it is light in weight and has moisture-wicking properties. During winters, it can keep your baby’s body warm.

4. Satin 

Most parents avoid buying satin clothes for children – but it is a good option to consider. 

  • Satin has a glossy surface – and it looks like silk. It is a perfect option for the winter season or any season, as it is well ventilated. 
  • Besides, you can choose satin as an option for party clothes. 
  • Dresses made from satin can make your little princess ravishing – and satin shirts for little boys can make them look handsome. 

Due to the low thermal conductivity, satin maintains the body temperature of your child – making it more comfortable. In addition, the clothes made from satin need no ironing, thus saving time. 

5. Wool 

As an impulse, wool is the first choice for the winter season. Rightly so, it is a natural fabric that provides warmth to babies and small children. 

  • Wool is a good option for children’s clothing as it keeps the warmth and does not get dirty easily. 
  • However, some types of woolen clothes might cause discomfort, so it’s best to stick to natural options. 
  • While buying woolen clothing for your little one, you can consider its composition. 
  • Acryl will soften the fabric, so choose the one with that. Plus, it will be pleasant to touch. 

The only problem with woolen fabric is – that it requires special attention and care. In addition, it is vital to check if your little one has an allergic reaction to heavy woolen fabric. 

6. Voile 

Voile is a light fabric – a semi-sheer kind that is like gauze. 

  • Though it is similar to a cotton lawn, it is thinner and more comfortable for your little ones. The see-through fabric is crisp, so you need to choose the clothes accordingly. 
  • This free-flowing fabric is ideal for little dresses, but might not be suitable for bigger children. 
  • Moreover, the higher thread count of the fabric gives it a softer texture.

You can choose the fabric for summer clothes if you are looking for options other than cotton. The breathable fabric is a perfect choice for your tiny tots. 

7. Bamboo rayon 

Bamboo rayon is a soft fabric – and is perfect for babies. The lightweight fabric is ideal for blankets, garments, and hats. 

  • As derived from bamboo plants, the fabric has an ultra-soft texture. 
  • Moreover, it is the perfect fabric for sensitive skin – and is thermal regulating. 
  • The thermal regulating property tends to adjust with the body temperature – it is less likely to become hot.

If you’re looking for some layering options in the winter season, you can choose bamboo rayon fabric. 

8. Batiste 

Batiste is another cotton open weave fabric, which is soft to touch. It is an ideal fabric for children who have sensitive skin, as it is easy on the skin. 

  • However, it is not transparent like voile – in fact, durable like the cotton fabric. 
  • As it is super soft, it is comfortable and lightweight. You can choose the fabric for nightgowns or casual dresses. 

Choose the best fabric, 

As a parent, you might be tempted to buy many printed and designer clothes for your children. 

But it’s essential to consider comfort and choice while selecting clothes for them. And fabric plays a key role in choosing clothes for children. 

Our top pick would be cotton and linen – as these fabrics are soft and comfortable for your little ones.