Wedding Dress Style For Body Types (Both For Groom and Bride)


Finding the ideal wedding gown for your body type might be more difficult than it appears. In the end, you should pick the wedding dress silhouette or design that makes you feel the most beautiful, but if you’re not sure where to start, we can help. There are a few tried-and-true designs that are fantastic alternatives to show off your curves or draw attention to your neckline, whether you want to show off your curves or attract attention to your neckline.

Following are the wedding dress for women according to their body shape:

1. Pear-shaped body

Ball gown is a suggested wedding dress silhouette.


You have a pear body shape if your hips are broader than your shoulders, or if you have rounded hips and thighs with a distinct waist. Look for a wedding gown that highlights your lower half while drawing attention to your waist. A bodice that molds and defines your stomach, as well as a skirt that extends from the hips and thighs, will not only make you feel like a princess, but will also make you stand out.

2. Hourglass body type

Mermaid is a popular bridal gown silhouette.


If you have a large breast, small waist, and hips that are comparable in breadth to your shoulders, you have an hourglass shape. A playful and feminine wedding dress style, such as a mermaid form, will show off your contours. A tight bodice with a skirt that extends at or below the knee will highlight your waist and keep your shape looking balanced. This wedding gown design exudes ultra-sexiness by emphasizing your curves in a flattering way for an Old Hollywood glam impression.

3. Inverted triangle body type

Trumpet is a suggested wedding gown silhouette.


If you have broad shoulders, choose a wedding gown that emphasizes your hips to balance your profile. A trumpet wedding gown spreads out from the lower hips/mid-thigh, similar to a mermaid gown but with a subtler effect, accentuating your lower figure. You may also choose a deep V neckline, which can help you balance your shoulders and lower torso.

4. Apple body type

A-line is a popular wedding gown shape.


Find a dress that is tight at the top and flares out exactly at the waist if your upper body is broader than your bottom half or if you have a short torso. This produces a slimming “A” shape that will assist lengthen and define your body. The A-line flare skirt isn’t as voluminous as a ball gown skirt, but it still flatters your bottom half, making it the perfect wedding gown for you.

5. Straight body type

Sheath is a popular bridal gown style.


Straight body types have a slim physique since their shoulders, waists, and hips are all around the same size. A sheath silhouette is one of the finest wedding dresses for this body type because it hugs you in all the right places and flatters and enhances your natural figure.

It’s sad that men and boys aren’t treated equally when it comes to wedding attire. However, the fact is that they face a similar difficult decision, particularly when it comes to their body and appearance. So, let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent male body types and how to dress for them to look great.

Following are some of wedding dresses for men according to their body shape:

1. The Triangle Body Shaped Men

The Triangle Body Shaped Men Wedding Dress

Men are naturally prone to have a bigger waist than the top part of their body, thus this is one of the most frequent body types among them. It is true, however, that finding a dress for a wedding occasion for this body type might be difficult in some circumstances. However, there are a few pointers that these men and boys must follow:

  • You can wear well-fitted waistcoats with a checkered blazer and sturdy pants to the Reception or Cocktail night.
  • Avoid wearing anything with bright or vivid prints, although patterns or details around your shoulder and chest might make them appear wider, which helps to conceal a big waist.

2. The Inverted Triangle Body Shaped Men


As the name implies, this body form is the polar opposite of the triangular body shape. This group includes men with a wider chest and shoulders, as well as a smaller waist. Men with an inverted triangle body type have prominent thighs in relation to their waist. This is also the body form that most guys feel blessed to have, as most individuals go through rigorous training to obtain it. As a result, your wedding attire should only consist of well-fitted clothing that show off your trimmed midriff.

  • Horizontal stripes and narrow cut shirts can be worn with straight leg trousers or jeans for a day occasion.
  • Avoid prints or details around your shoulders, since these might draw attention to them.

3. The Oval Body Shaped Men


The center of the torso is larger than the shoulder and waist in this body type. This body shape is difficult to work with, especially when it comes to Indian wedding attire. Slimming cuts and framing materials are essential for men and boys with this body type to seem smart.

  • Those who wish to wear a tux to the Reception but have a bloated stomach should opt for bow ties rather than ties, since they function better to hide the bulge.
  • Pleated pants not only look nicer, but they also give a little extra room when you sit, making your trousers’ waist more comfortable.

4. The Rectangle Body Shaped Men


This one isn’t tough to figure out. This body type describes men and boys who have shoulders that are about the same breath as their waist and hips. Any dress you pick for a wedding occasion should attempt to widen your shoulders and provide the illusion of structure. The following are some suggestions to assist you in making the best decisions:

  • Single-breasted jackets work well with suits, but double-breasted jackets should be avoided since they will make your upper body appear much larger than it is.

One of the most fun aspects of wedding preparation is shopping for wedding gowns. However, with so many various styles of wedding gowns to choose from, selecting the ideal dress may be a bit daunting. While most wedding gowns seem stunning on the rack, the fact is that particular wedding gown designs are more suited to certain body types. For the record, we believe you should wear whichever wedding gown makes you feel the most beautiful. Take a look at the gowns listed above if you’re interested about which sorts of wedding dresses could look best on your body type. These are some of the most common wedding dress shapes and tell you which body types they tend to flatter.