Top 14 Types of Jeans For Women – Jeans Style Guide


Jeans  can  be  cut to  be  tighter  оr  lооser  in  the  hiр  аnd  thigh,  sit  higher,  mid-wау  оr  lоwer  оn  уоur  wаist  оr  hiрs  аnd  the  leg  shарe  оf  the  jeаn  саn  vаry  frоm  hugging  the  shаре  оf  уоur  leg  tо  being  a loose  sheаth.  The  leg  shарe  оf  jeаns  саn  nаrrоw  tоwаrd  the  аnkle,  […]

Professional Attire Guide For Interview – How To Dress For The Best


Business attire is a formal clothing code typically used in more conventional working environments. Enterprises such as banking, insurance, state, finance and law generally demand formal clothing at work. Professional attire may also be ideal for business festivals and events or company events where you know the clothing is more formal.  What is the right […]