Top 14 Types of Jeans For Women – Jeans Style Guide


Jeans  can  be  cut to  be  tighter  оr  lооser  in  the  hiр  аnd  thigh,  sit  higher,  mid-wау  оr  lоwer  оn  уоur  wаist  оr  hiрs  аnd  the  leg  shарe  оf  the  jeаn  саn  vаry  frоm  hugging  the  shаре  оf  уоur  leg  tо  being  a loose  sheаth.  The  leg  shарe  оf  jeаns  саn  nаrrоw  tоwаrd  the  аnkle,  be  strаight  оr  flаre  frоm  а  роint  оn  the  leg.  These  vаriаtiоns  аlоng  with  elements  suсh  аs  jeаns  bасk  росket  design,  different  tyрes  оf  denim  wаshes  аnd  finishes  аnd  different  shаdes  оf  denim,  determine  the  best  types of  jeаns  fоr  wоmеn  according to  body  type.

01. BootCut Jeans


This jean design pleases all body types and may add curves to straight rectangular body shapes while also balancing curves in hourglass and pear body shapes. On curvaceous ladies, bootcut jeans are very attractive. Petite ladies should choose bootcut jeans over flared jeans to generate curves since the bootcut style’s modest flare is more proportionate for a small frame. Bootcut jeans are ideal for women with thin hips who want to add curves to their figure. Slim, rectangular body forms, and the inverted triangle body type both have narrow hips. It’s important to have a well-balanced appearance.

02. Flared Leg


Flared jeans are fitting through the hips and thighs but flare outwards from the knee, comparable to bootcut jeans. The degree of flare varies with this jean design, so you may go for a more subtle style with a narrow flare that is slightly wider than bootcut jeans or a more striking look with wide flare jeans. Denim flares are available in a range of vertical and horizontal sizes. Flared, straight, and tapered leg shapes are all available in cropped jeans. Cropped kick flare jeans to cropped jeans with a broad flare leg are all instances of crop flare denim.

03. Wide Leg Jeans


Wide-leg jeans are cut looser through the thigh and can broaden as they travel from the knee to the hem, unlike bootcut and flared jeans, which fit nicely around the thigh and flare out below the knee. Legs are cut in a variety of styles, ranging from straight to flared. This type has the finest fit and is the most relaxed and comfortable of all the women’s jeans styles.

04. Straight leg


Strаight-сut jeans are а  соnservаtive cut that,  although not аlwаys the mоst fаshiоnаble,  isn’t  аlwаys оut оf style.  It’s а  timeless style. From the hip and thigh to the hem, straight-cut jeans are cut straight. The leg may have a little taper at times. The hip and thigh fit is relaxed, falling halfway between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans in terms of tightness.

 The thickness of the pant leg is very соnstаnt  аll  the  wаy  dоwn  the  leg.  Tighter  аrоund  the  thigh,  lооser  аrоund  the  саlf  аnd  аnkle.

05. Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend jeans feature a loose, baggy fit that sits low on the hips and are cut straight in the hip and thigh. Many companies identify pants that aren’t nearly as loosely cut as boyfriend jeans. These jeans are cut looser in the hips and legs than most straight or tapered jeans, but they are more fitting in the hips than relaxed cut boyfriend jeans.

06. Girlfriend Jeans


Slim boyfriend and girlfriend jeans are a slimmer variant of the original boyfriend jean. The hips and thighs are still straight, but they aren’t as baggy as they were before. The boyfriend jeans are just slightly thicker than the girlfriend jeans, as you can see in the photos below.

07. Mommy Jeans


Mom jeans are often made of strong denim, have curved legs, are high-rise/high-waisted, and have a loose fit in the zipper and pelvic region, which makes your bottom seem longer and flattering. In the 1980s and early 1990s, mom jeans were frequently fashioned in a solid color light wash blue denim with no fading or other finishing.

08. Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans feature a tight fit from hip to thigh and all the way to the hem. From the hip to the ankle, the silhouette narrows. Skinny jeans are generally composed of stretch denim, which hugs your shape even more. A pencil jeans is another name for the same type of jeans.

09. Cigarette Jeans


Cigarette jeans are skinny jeans with a little wider thigh opening than standard jeans. cigarette jeans hug the hip and thigh before straightening out from the knee to the hem, whereas thin jeans shrink from the hip to the ankle.

10. Jeggings


Leggings composed of a light, flexible fabric are known as jeggings. These can be constructed of stretchy denim-like fabric or lightweight denim that has greater stretch than slim jeans. Jeggings feature a skin-tight fit and are less structured than thin jeans.

11. Cuffed Jeans


The hem of cuffed jeans is turned up to reveal the underside of the denim fabric. Cuffed jeans can be purchased already cuffed, or non-cuffed jeans can be cuffed by simply turning up the hem. The leg’s breadth and length, as well as the cuff’s width, vary. In contrast to cuffed jeans, the hem of rolled hem jeans is rolled numerous times rather than folded.

12. Jogger Jeans


Jogger jeans are pull-on jeans with an elasticated knotted waistband and elastic at the leg opening, similar to other jogging pants. Denim joggers are worth checking into if you enjoy jogging trousers but haven’t tried jogger jeans. The denim used to construct jogger jeans is firmer than the cloth used to make other types of jogging trousers or sweat pants, giving them greater structure.

13. Slim fit


They’re designed to fit comfortably around your thighs and buttocks. They loosen a little further down the leg. They’re not to be mistaken with a thin cut, which keeps a tight fit all the way down the leg.

14. Trouser Jeans


Trouser jeans feature a broader leg and are considered more formal. They resemble non-denim pants in that they don’t have five pockets or flat-felled seams with contrasting stitching, which are common features of regular jeans. These jeans are frequently embellished with slash pockets and finer decorations to make them appear more sophisticated. However, depending on how consistent the color is, how dark the fabric is, and if there are more sophisticated features on the pockets and waist, trouser jeans can range from a more normal jeans appearance to a more formal pant appearance. (Some manufacturers refer to what are essentially wide-leg jeans with conventional denim characteristics as trouser jeans.)