The world is wheeling around continuously, changing the seasons along with its revolution. The summer season was here just a month ago and now winter is here again!! This change of seasons alters your wardrobe with it.

The winter season is that time of the year where you want to protect yourself from the cold breezing wind plus you want to look fashionable too. Well, that is not a problem in today’s world of fashion. A lot of famous designers are out there showcasing their talent by designing trendy and fashionable clothes.

Styles and layouts of seasonal clothes vary every year giving all of us an excuse to go and shop for new clothes. Similarly, this year the designers present their layout of the latest winter suits for men to wear in 2020.


Denim is like an evergreen piece of cloth. But this year brings you the purest and bleached out style of denim, saying goodbye to the traditional jeans. Every individual fashion brands produced denim clothes with different yet unique styles. Some of them are:

Gucci, the number one brand, styled the denim as baggy over-sized jeans with a t-shirt along with a sweater over it. It could look best with the stroller around the neck.

E Tautz pairs the denim cargo pants having a wide outline with the same colored long open coat making it a classy piece of clothing

MSGM tries to keep the old age profile with printed overalls and plain inside shirts, which gives a touch of history to the latest clothes.

2. Tailoring of Overcoats:

Tailoring may be the best option because it helps to get the image of the dress present in your mind right out at the front of your eyes. Overcoats are the best options for winters as it is one of the ways to cope up with the decreasing temperature. Most of the designers decided to go for the extended length of the coat and increased the size of the sleeves to cover your hands.

Chalaya showcased a classic tailored suit with an overcoat finished with a strapped arrangement to the chest.

Jordan Luca presents suits, jackets, shirts, pants, etc all buckled up with belts and straps.

This overcoat trend has an accessory of belts, straps, and buttons which increases the value of this set of clothing.

3. Red Flame

This was named as Red Alert or Head to toe red fashion. The use of a single alerting bright color was to illustrate that a single sparkling color can represent the moody nature of the men excellently picturing the thoughtfulness of this specific fashion trend. For the color red, there is a lot of shades of it ranging from deep pink to blood red. Designers with their own methodology utilize specific shades or a mixture of them to design their suits.

Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani & Marni opted for the brick red color which with its dull appearance stands out in the rainbow shades of red.

Whereas Gucci chooses the combination of dark red, deep pink, and terracotta shade of red implementing on a jacket, pant, and inner shirt.

4. Leather

When we talk about winter how we can forget the most accurate type of clothing for this season, the Leather. This piece of cloth is warm and cozy preventing you to get a freeze in the strong cold wind of winter. It is also the most running fashion in Italy.

At Louis Vuitton & Hermes, uses the leather blazer to keep it stylish too along with the low cut leather trousers.

Dolce & Gabbana designs a baggy leather pant which is high waist to go with a tuck-in shirt and a high neck collar looking cool and smart in the cold season.

This is not just it, there are many other fashion trends set up by the world class fashion designers, to walk through the runways of Paris, London, etc. These designs may include;

  • Checks
  • Motives
  • Overall prints
  • Cardigans
  • Necktie, etc.

All of these latest fashionable clothing set for the winter of the year 2020 may now seem a little off due to the drastic year the world is facing but whatever may be the time, fashion is compulsory.