About US


Who We Are?

Setting foot into the competitive world of fashion, we plan to dominate and become the standard for fashion content and the center of latest trends and happenings. Our blog will redefine the way you consider lifestyle hacks and choices and present a multitude of different outlooks on all subjects from men’s fashion to women’s and kids, spanning celebrity lifestyles and worthwhile wedding furor. Our idealism will inspire to bring change in your thinking, and enhance its effect through your eagerness for action!

Our Mission

“To reinvent the importance of fashion and lifestyle trends in your life. To stimulate, to encourage and to prompt action! To be your enablers!”

Our Vision

“We are an optimistic and resolute bunch, and our aim is to achieve success to its fullest, to become not part, but the lead of the media publishing world.”

Our Values

“Driven by passion. Dedicated to our work. We are team players. We are all about the new and the exciting. We are a mesh of welcoming entrepreneurs, compassionate thinkers, and extraordinary fashioners.”

Our story

As entrepreneurs, who deemed the significance of an online fashion magazine a necessity of the current age and era, we decided to bring together a team of hardcore trendsetters, who will change your perspective of the fashion world and bring a new spin to your lifestyle. We will bring the ordinary, the extraordinary and the downright pretentious to your table. We will acknowledge and discuss every aspect of the fashion industry and allow you to reevaluate the mastering of certain trends, while letting you make your own waves.

Work with Us

As a budding online fashion magazine, we are always on the lookout for new editors, journalists and freelance content writers. If you believe in novel ideas and strive to achieve the exceptional in your content, whether it be in the form of intriguing pictorials, challenging penmanship skills, or thought-provoking videos, we welcome you to our folds. We wish to imbibe our readers with stimulating and exhilarating content, that offers more than just a headline, but a variety of facets where they thought there were none. Diligent people with creative vibes and original, innovative content are what we’re looking for.