A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Fragrance Types and Strengths


A good perfume can lift the mood and create memories in our minds. We often relive the moments when we smell a perfume or scent; it feels like nostalgia. Good fragrances are like emotions that remain in our hearts forever and never get old.

Buying perfumes can be a complex process, especially when choosing the fragrance types and strengths. Whether you are looking for men’s or women’s fragrances, we are here to make your choices clear. It’s better to understand the types of fragrances. This will help you make good decisions for your loved ones.

Understanding Different Types of Perfume Strengths and Concentrations

Before we go into details and discuss the types of fragrances, let’s understand the general terms ‘Eau de Perfum’ and ‘Eau de toilette’. Although you may not understand their meanings, you might have seen them written anywhere. Well, these terms define how long the perfume you use will last and the strength of that fragrance. Every scent has its aroma and characteristics, often letting you go through memory lane.

If you are new to perfumes, worry not; there is a complete guide to demonstrate everything in detail. Keep reading.


From the most concentrated fragrance, Parfum is the pure form of incense that stays longer. However, you can easily find them from any fragrance store.

Elements of Fragrance

Because it has high oil concentrates, Parfum lasts longer than any other fragrance; that’s why it’s costly. You wouldn’t have to apply it repeatedly as it remains on the skin longer.

Concentration of Fragrance Oil

The composition of alcohol in Parfum is too rare compared to other fragrances. Also, the oil concentration is 20% to 30%, which keeps the scent longer.

Fragrance Strength

Parfum lasts over 12 hours, and you wouldn’t need to apply it repeatedly.

To Whom is Suitable?

If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to dark smells, Parfum is the best choice as it has too little alcohol. Also, a little spray would be enough for the whole day.

Eau de Perfume

It’s the most common fragrance that almost everyone uses regularly or at any event or party. Also, it costs less than perfume and can be used on every cloth, even on your hair. It’s better to avoid using it on clothes that leave the mark of spray-like silk. For more details, keep reading:

Elements of Fragrance

Parfum has only Top and Base notes, while in Eau de Perfum, you’ll find all the top, medium and base notes. As the top notes don’t remain longer on the skin, the majority will be the medium notes that’ll work wonders.

Concentration of Fragrance Oil

Although Eau de Perfume is affordable in range, it still has 15%-20% oil concentration, making it long-lasting. It’s considered the highest fragrance concentration after Parfum.

Fragrance Strength

You can enjoy the Eau de perfume for at least 8 hours a day; that’s quite a long time to enjoy the scent. So that’s the best solution in an affordable range.

To Whom is Suitable?

If you are thinking of going on a date in a day, this can be the best choice, as these scents are dark and get stronger in heat. If you are working in a corporate or any dense area, we wouldn’t recommend using these perfumes. As for some people, they might be disturbing or allergic.

Eau de Toilette

As the name shows, it looks like a French word, so basically, it’s generated from ‘faire sa toilette,’ which means getting ready. So, in people’s minds, the concept about these perfumes is that they are the go-to perfumes for your daily use. You are using them for your workplace or want to enjoy the aroma at home. These perfumes are light in smell and affordable, specifically from Parfum and Eau de Perfum.

Elements of Fragrance

The top notes are primarily dominant and don’t remain longer, so the fragrance will fade away shortly after its use. But they give a refreshing aroma and rejuvenate you with their pleasing aroma.

Concentration of Fragrance Oil

Eau de Toilette has much less oil than Eau de Perfume as these fragrances only get 5% to 10% oil concentration.

Fragrance Strength

As mentioned earlier, they do not remain longer, so the time limit for these perfumes is almost 6-7 hours. This can be an excellent choice for people who don’t like scents and are allergic to dark smells.

To Whom is Suitable?

You can use these fragrances, especially when there is a lot of heat on a sunny day. You wouldn’t have to worry about the amount of perfume you use as they don’t last longer and will automatically get lighter with time. Because they have a high amount of alcohol consumption in them and they are more delicate to smell, they are the best choice for everyday use.

Eau de Cologne

You might have heard about the colognes before, as men mostly use them because of the intense smell. You can get a good amount of these perfumes at a lower price as you need to spray them repeatedly because of insufficient concentration.

Elements of Fragrance

Although these perfumes contain top solid notes and attract customers on first use, they fade away with time. Because of having less oil concentration, you must use them repeatedly to get a pleasing feeling.

Concentration of Fragrance Oil

As mentioned, these perfumes have too little 2% to 5% concentration. Also, they contain a lot of alcohol concentration that doesn’t let them last longer.

Fragrance Strength

Eau de Cologne fragrances don’t last longer than 2 hours; you have to reapply them to gain a pleasant effect.

To Whom is Suitable?

If you are allergic to alcohol or have sensitive skin, avoid these perfumes because of an increased alcohol concentration. However, you can use them on a sunny day and repeatedly apply them to get a lasting effect.

Eau Fraiche

If you are also fond of perfumes but are allergic to them, try using Eau Fraiche, as they are super light in smell and have the weakest concentration of any other fragrance. Its smell doesn’t last for longer and will remain there for just a short time. However, it gets the job done whenever needed.

Elements of Fragrance

The strength of Eau Fraiche is too less than other fragrances and cannot be compared because of having much less concentration.  

Concentration of Fragrance Oil

The concentration of Eau Fraiche is too light and contains only 1% to 3% of oil concentration. Even the amount of alcohol is less, too; it mainly includes a mixture of water and scents.

Fragrance Strength

You can expect this perfume’s fragrance to remain with you for only 2 hours.

To Whom is Suitable?

These perfumes will work well for those who don’t like scents and want to get the job done just as a formality. Especially for people who have sensitive skin and cannot bear the dark smells or large concentrations of alcohol, it can be a go-to choice.

Do the Varying Strengths Make a Difference?

Well, the perfume’s strength and characteristics actually matter and affect many fragrances. So before you think of purchasing any perfume, keep these below factors in mind as they’ll help you in many ways:

Price Range and Concentration

From the concentration of perfumes, you can get an idea about its price. Fragrances with high oil concentrations are more expensive than those with little attention. Well, now several brands and companies offer perfumes of good concentration at lower prices.

Life Span of Fragrances

Several oil concentrations are being used that increase or decrease the longevity of perfumes. So, it’s better to check the life span of your smell before buying it. Spray the scent on any part of your body and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. Although citruses-based and aquatic notes perfumes don’t remain longer. Most popular aromas are mild and don’t remain longer. However, if you are looking for excellent quality perfumes, try using Parfum, which has suitable oil concentrations.

Check Projection and Sillage

Projection and sillage are referred to differently in perfumes, and sillage is the smell that perfumes leave behind when they evaporate or when you wash the clothes on which you have applied the perfume. While projection means how far someone can smell your perfume. Although Eau de Toilette is considered a perfume with less concentration because of high alcohol, they have better projection. Don’t confuse longevity with projection and sillage because perfumes having high oil concentrations have better longevity.

You can increase the projection and sillage of your perfume by applying it on areas like the wrist, behind the knees, ankles and neck. Make sure to use the moisture before spraying perfume, as it’ll make your perfume last longer.

Are You Looking for Alcohol-Free Perfumes?

Some people have susceptible skin, and they cannot bear the alcohol concentration on their skin. The Muslims want a perfume that has zero concentration of alcohol. So alcohol-free perfume oils are the best choice for them. They last longer than Perfume and Eau de Perfume. You need a small amount on your wrist, which stays the whole day. Applying these perfumes is also different as you cannot spray them; instead, rub on the parts of your body where the blood flows.

How to Choose the Best Perfume for Yourself?

Before testing the perfumes, you need to understand the scent families to avoid confusion. Mainly, there are four different fragrances: fresh, woody, oriental and warm. Warm aromas rely on fruit and floral scents, while new aromas are extracted from aquatic and citrus notes. Keep reading to find the best choice according to your interest for better understanding.

  • Floral scents are the most common and broader fragrances, mainly extracted from jasmine, lilies and roses. They vary from light notes aromas to solid and intense smells.
  • Woody perfumes have a captivating smell and are often used after shaved products. They are extracted from cedarwood, amber, sandalwood and vetiver.
  • Fresh smells have refreshing and zesty vibes that are comprised of citrus, green notes and water. These fragrances have vibrant aromas, and they uplift your mood.
  • Oriental fragrances belong to the luxurious scent family, different from woody, floral or fresh scents. These scents are made from the notes of vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon.

Summing Up

Now you know about all the perfume concentrations, fragrance strengths and types. You can start making your perfume collection using this knowledge, which would be worth it. So whenever you are in doubt, this guide will make you understand every fragrance in detail as everything is described from every perspective and in easy words. Although choosing the perfume for you and your loved ones is purely your choice, understanding the fragrances will help you make the best decision. Also, finding the best scent isn’t a complex process as it seems to be.