14 Top-Selling Jewelry Brands Of The World


Since ancient times, jewelry has been the love of both men and women.  At the beginning of civilization, jewelry was part of the popular culture, but later many civilizations and customs made it complimentary only for ladies and royal dignitaries. In every culture, people like to increase the glam of their personality. Viewing the people’s love to be adored, many jewelry brands have been established, and only a few of them are recognized as top-selling jewelry brands. This article will cover information regarding the brands that are selling jewelry products that are of good quality and inspirational designs. In the list of top brands, we have chosen only those who are taking forward their legacy of quality, unique designs, and craftsmanship.

1.Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. is leading the legacy since 1837 AD. The brand is known for using quality stones and incredible design. This has made them industry leaders, generation after generation. The elegance of the jewelry made by them is known by the masses who want to look as charming as ever. Therefore, the brand has acceptance all around the world by customers, as they have 90 stores in the entire US and 320 or more outlets all around the world. The business is not only selling jewelry but other items like watches, fragrances, eyewear, and engagement rings are also its products for its elite customers.

The brand is well known for its high-end products in the fashion folks. Maintaining the quality throughout the years during such a long course of time is really a thing to be admired.

2. Bvlgari


It is an Italian brand and it was actually initiated by a Greek immigrant to Italy, back in the 19th century, i.e. 1884. The name of Sotirios Voulgaris will never be forgotten as he is the founder of this fashion and jewelry top-brand. Since its inception, the brand has been doing its best to produce quality products. With the passage of time, the brand expanded itself and grew as a fashion icon in the industry and lined up many other products like watches, bags, accessories, fragrances, and gifts as well.

Serpenti is its trademark product, which transforms watches, jewelry, and other stuff into the shape of a snake. Therefore, the brand has an enormous success because of the creativity of the craftsmen and high-quality stones. The serpenti bangles and necklaces are loved very much nowadays and many local brands are copying the style but there is no comparison in quality to the original one.

3. Harry Winston:

Harry Winston

Harry Winston is a UK-based jewelry brand that was established by Harry Winston in 1932. After his death in 1978, the company retained its name and continued its business with the same name because of the high customer base. Since its first day, the company has been producing designer jewelry using diamonds and gold. The beauty of the brand is that many celebrities prefer to choose this brand on the red carpet because it has kept the aesthetic sense intact up till now.

4. Van Cleef & Arples:

Van Cleef & Arples

Every one of us knows, high standards of fashion and design that the French designers follow. This is the reason that French fashion is ruling the world. The splendor and glam offered by the jewelry designs of Van Cleef & Arples are its trademarks. The brand is well-known for its exclusivity and futuristic designs which makes it the word of mouth.

5. Chopard:


Chopard was established by Sonviellier in Switzerland in 1860, thus it is a premier Swiss fashion company and it was famous for making watches for women. Later, it was sold to a German company back in 1960. The buyer company retained the name because of its goodwill value and continued to prepare what it was best known for, as expressed earlier i.e. wrist and pocket watches for women. It later expanded its horizons and went on to make jewelry for women, all of which are highly preferred for their elegance to this day.

6. David & Yurman:

David & Yurman

David and Yurman as a brand was started by David and Sybil Yurman in New York City in the year 1980. This US-based jewelry brand has a short history compared to other prominent jewelry brands. Their unique design and world-class eminence make them no less than a great competitor of big names in the industry. The beauty of the brand is that it makes jewelry for women to be worn on any occasion whether it is a red-carpet event or casual.

The celebs often prefer to wear its jewelry and many of them are spotted on the red carpet while wearing its signature piece called Cable Motif. The masterpiece is made up of silver, platinum, or gold metals.

7. Buccellati:


Buccellati is a name that is not only famous in Italy but also a big name in other metropolises like London, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. The brand beholds the culture and heritage and is known for its unparalleled quality. It is famous for its design in gold and silver laced diamond jewelry.

8. Boucheron:


Boucheron was established by Frédéric Boucheron in 1860. The motive of the foundation of the brand was to make jewelry for the elite Parisian community. Later it became a center of excellence and a famed center of luxury jewelry.  To your surprise, the brand was moved to 26 Place Vendôme in 1898. The new location turned everything for the brand and it caught everyone’s attention. The position of the shop was at the corner of the road which was the brightest corner, the jewels sparkled and brought out the best flash. The headquarters of the store remains at the same place to this day but the company has opened many stores in international locations like Moscow, London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, etc. The brand has been at the top of the game since its inception and is still the first choice of elegant women.

9. Hermes:


The history of the brand started with its foundation in 1837 by the jewelry designer, Thierry Hermes. The brand is known for luxury and elegance in the fashion and leisure circles around the globe, the reason behind its popularity is the prominent colors and daring designs for women of all age groups. The brand is well known for producing limited editions of jewelry designs and bespoke ones. Many renowned celebs are its loyal customers.

10. Chanel:


The brand was founded by the renowned French designer Gabrielle Chanel in 1909. Gabrielle is also known as “coco” in the fashion circles. Coco is very famous for her idea of creating designs of clothes that reconcile feminine elements with masculine elements. This factor not only attracted females but also touched the sky of innovation and acceptability. Chanel is also famous for designing elegant and creative designs in jewelry and is also well-known for the diamond sculpture collections as well.

11. Dior:


All fashion enthusiasts from around the world know very well about Christian Dior for his adorable work in perfumes, apparel, jewelry, and handbags. The brand added jewelry to its product line in 1950. It was a time when the brand was rising and had the maximum share in the luxury fashion industry. Dior now is popular as the producer of multicolored gemstone watches and also sophisticated handmade jewelry. Since then, the brand has been known as the leading and fashion-friendly brand around the world.   

12. Mikiomoto:


The fans of pearls know about Mikimoto. The company since its inception in 1899 in Tokyo, Japan is using high-end techniques to produce top-quality jewelry made up of pearls. The brand was started by the designer Mikimoto Kokichi and now it has many outlets throughout the famous destinations of the world like London, New York, Shanghai, etc.

13. H.Stern:


The Brazilian designer Hans Stern is the soul and the founder of the brand which was started in 1945. Stern was factually a German by nationality but migrated to Brazil. After his death, his son Robert Stern took over the company, and it is great to express that he took forward with the legacy of his father.  The Stern has a loyal customer base because it produces not only elegant ones but also unique jewelry designs. To your surprise, the brand is so popular that many Hollywood personalities prefer their jewelry. 

14. Graff:


The history of the brand goes back to 1962 when Laurence Graff started the company. He had a birth attention and love for designing and due to this, he went for an apprenticeship under a top designer when he was just 15. The brand is based in London, England. It has several branches throughout the greater London area and other parts of the county. Initially, it started as Graff Diamonds Company, and now it has a great place in the eyes of fashion fans for producing exquisite diamond jewelry. 

Words by the Writer:

The world of fashion is bland or flat without jewelry. This makes jewelry a love of every fashion enthusiast, especially women. Every brand has something unique to offer, so it is preferred to visit different stores before making up your mind for a specific piece of jewelry.