The Complete Guide – to Educate Your 1 Year Old Through Toys

brain development toys for 1 year old

Kids are a source of happiness and joy for their parents. Parents want their kids to be involved in healthy activities from the start. Having a baby in a house is so much fun but exhausting at the same time. For the parents, their first baby brings excitement for them and they started buying Kids clothes, toys, and stuff even before birth. Babies start walking and crawling at the age of one and tend to explore their house first. This is the age where kids need toys to play and spend their time with. They find everything new and exciting as they are growing day-by-day. For them, everything is a toy and a thing to eat. At this point, kids start recognizing things whether they are toys or parents. From the love and feel of parents, kids get attached to them knowing that they always stay with them. The main thing to please one-year-old is toys that stimulate and amaze their growing minds. The kid’s brain thinks of the ways that are creative and funny as their brain develops rapidly. 1 to 5 is the age to learn, and babies learn a new thing every single day. Even when they woke up they want someone or something by their side to excite them. Toys for a 1-year-old is the best method to keep them involved in activities.

Kids learn from you and toys!

Toys can be of any type because and can please them in every manner regardless of what they look like. The appearance of toys or whatever stuff they hold leaves an impact on their mind. So, try to bring the stuff that creates a positive impression on them. In their first year, they are more towards feeling and sensing things that will lead to enhanced learning. Try investing in the right toys for your kids to make their childhood fun. Though the kids aren’t picky, they like the stuff that they can easily enjoy and play with. When you buy toys for 1-year-old they are more likely to get excited by the packaging rather than what’s inside the box. The packaging box of toys can also play a significant role in catching the kid’s attention. It is another point of attraction for kids that if you remove the packaging in front of them they’ll try to find them. When you shop for a one-year-old, look for the toys that can’t be broken easily or those that won’t harm them. Toys are something every kid responds to as they are the first thing every baby sees, hears, and touches. Toys with sparkling lights and with some sounds grab the attention of kids and invite them to play.

Playing involves various stages starting from chewing where the child only observes things. Solitary Play is a stage common in one-year-old, where you’ll find them playing alone and they don’t get disturbed by others or are unconcerned towards what others do. Kids don’t need to experience all the stages that are considered but it highly depends upon their activities and environment. Little minds require a healthy environment for better development and toys play a key role in this. When you go out, for shopping or even online there are a lot of fancy options in the market but try to choose the ones with some learning perspectives. Buy good toys but good doesn’t always mean expensive. There is no need to spend a huge amount on buying toys and stuff as kids are likely to break them in any case.

Following are the list of some toys that every parent should buy for their one-year-old baby’s playroom:

The Complete Guide – to Educate Your 1-Year-Old Through Toys

Crawl Tunnel

Crawl tunnels bring happiness on their face and an adventure for them. It aware young toddlers, grasp a better understanding of object stability. This game for a one-year-old would be of extreme fun when they lean-in and lean-out, this will help them learn the way the world works. Parents must play this game with their kids and allow them to figure out on their own that what is actually happening.

Dimpl Duo

It is a super fun toy that kids really adore. It is a computer shaped board with soft rubbers on it. Those rubbers are of different colors and shapes. As kids push them continuously it stimulates strength in their fingers. In this way, you can encourage active play and can teach them the cause and effect factor. This toy is a prospect for kids to learn the shapes and colors present on it. This can also create interest among them and they like to play it regularly.

Mega Blocks Pieces

These blocks are used to make a huge building create by your baby with his/her mind. This helps generates new things. At a year, kids are more prone to chewing and crawling but are learning every new thing with each step. The start differentiating between basic colors of blocks and shapes they fit into. Adults must play with kids and try teaching them the ways to use blocks. It built their learning capacity and is easy to store and clean.

Wooden Alphabetic Puzzles

Puzzles are always an amazing toy that serves the purpose of learning. They are made up of wood, the colored shaped letters and numbers are designed to enhance the understanding of kids in this respect. To adults, it seems like a basic an easily solved one but the same toy for babies is extremely difficult to solve and they end up creating a mess. But it is their beginning and they learn to connect the items, words, number, and many more.


Through the walker, your baby can walk around the house while playing. Walker has many features and is a multipurpose toy for enjoyment. It encourages kids to play and explore their functions. Your kids would definitely love its bright colors and designs created on it. When they get tired of walking they can sit and play with the toys on the upper side on it.

Water Table

Toddlers love to play with water and enjoy the maximum out of it. You can make them play with the water for the whole day and they won’t get tired of it so, a water table is a great option. There must be a water table in the house for your kids with some fishes and other sea creatures. It’ll help them understand the life of water and they would know what is fish and where does it live.

Water tables are basically an outdoor toy but if you lack space, you can set up it any time in your bathroom. You can even put some eatable things on its side so your kid can find and eat it.

Stuff Toys

One-year-old mostly gets attached to soft toys like animals. Baby girl is more likely to like dolls and bears. It is a perfect choice for a pretended play. Kids used to play house-house, hide n seek, and expect stuffed toys to react when they were playing. This is the most childish thing kids do as they are not known with reality.

Playing Utensils

Playing with kitchen items is what that every kid love. Kids get delighted by mini-sets of pots and pans and try to cook in it. They can also chew it as some of them are also made up of rubber. Toddlers try to feed themselves using those utensils. They like to play with water using those utensils and by throwing them here and there.

Piano and Musical Instruments

Kids play piano randomly because every time they press a button they hear music which stimulates their sense of hearing and recognizing various tones and musical sounds. This music genuinely creates energy inside a little kid and they start waving and dancing.

Cars and Trucks

One toy car or truck is a must for both outdoor and indoor play. Usually, baby boys are more attracted to it naturally and enjoy their time playing and even breaking it. They just love the way of their playing and are not known to what cars are, but this experience would be saved in their unconscious mind and they use it when they grow up.

Sensory balls

The one-year-old loves to play with balls. When the ball rolls out of sight they tend to figure out where it goes. Sensory balls are some of the top toys for one-year-old that they love to play with their parents. Kids get highly obsessed with balls but also get frustrated when they aren’t able to catch or pick them up from the ground.

Personalized White Board

A customized whiteboard with a pen to write on it is a very innovative toy. One-year-old are masters at breaking things and use their hands as much as they can. The board is basically for drawing and learning ABC but kids at this just grab a pen and draw lines everywhere but they also learn from it slowly that how to grab a pen.