You have been proposed? Wow! Big news. How much time do you have? You better start planning your special day as it is said that,

‘Planning the biggest day of your life is only the beginning of your adventure’

Planning a wedding can be a lot more difficult and overwhelming than one could imagine with all the arrangements to do, details to check, etc. But if all these things are arranged periodically depending upon the time you have left, all of this work could be fun and adventurous. Here’s a proper wedding to-do list arranged monthly:


Work on your budget: 

This should be the foremost work that needs to be done. It depends on who will be paying for the wedding and what will be your expenses. After judging the amount that can be used or contributed to the wedding, set your priorities.

Guest List:

This is kind of mandatory to make the headcounts because the wedding is a thing where everyone wants to be invited. But of course, look out for your budget and the venue too.

Book your venue and caterer:

Best venue kind of makes up the whole story. The place should be the best fit for all. And about the dinner party, well that should be as best as you can arrange.

A wedding planner:

If you think that you cannot handle the arrangements on time all by yourself then go for the wedding planner but do consider your budget before doing that.


Buy your wedding dress:

If you want to avoid the rush you should go to choose your wedding dress at this time of the month because this is the most sensitive issue and the most important too.

Book entertainment:

Well, you want your wedding to be an entertainment unit, therefore hire whoever you want to whether he may be a dancer or a singer or a magician or whatever.

Book hotel rooms:

Sometimes you have guests coming to the wedding from abroad, for them; you can book a block of the hotel to accommodate them easily.

Register gifts:

This registration should involve your partner’s opinion. Since this will be the base of your marriage life.


Purchase invitation:

Wedding invitations should be selected by the will of all your significant.

Start planning your honeymoon:

Oh yes! Honeymoon is the first thing that comes to your mind when a wedding is being discussed. To choose a perfect place to spend your honeymoon, you better start planning it right now!

Select your bridesmaid dress:

To make your bridesmaids look like one you along with your maids should go out and select a decent yet beautiful dress for all of them.

Hire an officiant:

At times, the bride and groom want to arrange their wedding somewhere else besides the church, while doing that you should look for the officiant to perform your wedding.


Order the wedding cake:

The cake cutting ceremony is what comes next after vows; therefore you should start choosing the cake according to your taste.

Buy the groom’s tuxedo:

Groom’s tux does not require much thinking as compared to the bride’s wedding dress. Therefore it can be bought or rented four to five months before.

Book the honeymoon:

Until now you should be able to pick your dream destination, go and book it before it’s too late.

Hair and makeup artist:

If you are confused between choosing them, try out the ones who are the best then compare the results.


Finalize the menu:

It’s time that the menu needs to be done. Taste all the things again and go over the list of drinks and meals before finalizing it.

List of people giving toasts:

Your close ones would like to share their kind and loving words with you, make a list, and give them a chance to share their thoughts.

Write your vows:

Vows, the most special part of the wedding, do not always need to be written. They are the voice of the heart of the happy couple.

Select your rings:

Tag along with your better half and go choose the wedding ring for the promising life ahead.


Check with all the hired people:

Counter check with all the people you have hired up till now because you don’t want to miss out anything on your day.

Send out the invitations:

Only two months left you better start sending out the invitations to your loved ones if you want all of them to be at your wedding.

Select the playlist:

The playlist plays a vital role in maintaining a peaceful environment which is a plus for the wedding.

Enjoy the bachelorette party:

This may be the last time you are single, celebrate it, and make it worth remembering.


Pick your marriage license:

A marriage license may take some time but don’t worry one month is good for it. Go and pick it up.

Last outfit fitting:

This may be a problem for brides sometime, so it would be good if you check the fitting one last time before the wedding.

Assign the seating:

To avoid the haphazard situation assign the seats to everyone on your guest list so they won’t be having a problem.

Assemble gift bags:

Make it fun giving gifts by assembling it properly.


Just before you know it, it will be only a week left before your wedding. This week you only need to go through all the little details, all the registrations, invitations, your vows, your makeup, your rings, and finally your dress!!

There you go with a perfect and elegant wedding which would be remembered for years.