In the setting of today’s fashion world, fashion influencers play a major role. A person having a personality to attract, the great taste of clothing, words to convince and a large number of followers on their social media account can easily be considered as a fashion Influencer. The main characteristic of an influencer, especially a fashion influencer is that you should have an inspirational quality in all your doings. Instagram is one of the widely used apps when it comes to dressing, writing, traveling, motivating, and much else. Instagram fashion influencers are also considered as celebrities. This Instagram fashion influencer thing is totally and precisely the modern world’s accessory.  

Alexa Chung Fashion Influencer

1 Alexa Chung Fashion Influencer

Known for her writing, modeling, and presenting, Alexa Chung, is now the world’s famous fashion influencer with 3.3 million followers on Instagram. Her name is not new to the industry with her work as a model previously and now as the founder of the fashion brand. She, with her mindset, convinced all of us that there is no limit for adult women when it comes to fashion.

Danielle Bernstein Fashion Influencer

2 Danielle Bernstein Fashion Influencer

She founded her fashion blog by the name ‘WeWoreWhat’ when she was studying fashion in college. Now Danielle has become one of the top Instagram fashion influencers with 1.9M followers from all over the world. She is also a fashion designer since after working with many fashion designer brands, she portraits all her influence into her brand.

Mariano Di Vaio Fashion Influencer

3 Mariano Di Vaio Fashion Influencer

The biggest male influencer and one of the most popular fashion influencers founded his personal MDV line, modeling in his own brand, wrote a book about his own journey of the fashion industry, Mariano Di Vaio, put a great influence on his followers. He is an Italian actor, blogger, and designer with 6.2 million followers.

Phil Cohen Fashion Influencer

4 Phil Cohen Fashion Influencer

Another designer with a passion for men’s wear, Phil Cohen, has around 744k followers. Unlike others, he has a unique sense of art and a great taste in graphic design. He’s more into assembling outfits and accessories in an elegant manner with the most describable background rather than showcasing himself. Phil Cohen is basically an art director.

Jenn Im Fashion Influencer

5 Jenn Im Fashion Influencer

One of the fashion influencers, Jenn Im, kicks off her career from a YouTube channel which has now gained over 2 million subscribers. And now with her very own fashion line ‘Eggie’ she has around 1.7M followers on Instagram too. Jenn’s fashion trend is more towards comfort, simplicity, and affordability, attracting many audiences, and correlating them with high-class brands.

Chiara Ferragni Fashion Influencer

6 Chiara Ferragni Fashion Influencer

On top of all, Chiara is the Italian fashion icon with 20.8 MILLION followers until now. She owns her work and was one of the first to use her fashion influence to start a personal fashion line the Chiara Ferragni Collection. With her fashion blog ‘Blonde Salad’ she conquers as the true fashion blogger. Among the fashion influencer list, she was ranked first. 

Gabi Greg Fashion Influencer

7 Gabi Greg Fashion Influencer

She is the only one among others who consider changing the criteria of plus-size fashion. A body-positive fashion blogger, Gabi, is also a model and a designer. She got famous by showcasing herself in a swimsuit flaunting her beauty in it proving the world’s idea wrong about body shaming. By doing so she launched her own line ‘SwimsuitsForAll’ and is also now co-founder of plus-size clothing line ‘Premme’.

 Susie Lau Fashion Influencer

8 Susie Lau Fashion Influencer

She is the fashion style icon from the time when Instagram influencers didn’t even exist. Susie owns a fashion blog, Fashion Bubbles, and hence she is also called ‘Susie Bubbles’. She still has her fixture on fashion publications and has a passion for lesser-known artists too. Because of her blogging, Susie has almost 500k followers on Instagram now.

Olivia Palermo Fashion Influencer

 9 Olivia Palermo Fashion Influencer

She is one of those influencers who really inspire almost everyone to be their best and to chase their dreams with all they have. Olivia started her career from a TV show and then gained her popularity by being a celebrity. She took the assistance of a social media agency for the followers and has now achieved up to 6 million followers on Instagram.

Asiyami Gold Fashion Influencer

10 Asiyami Gold Fashion Influencer

A Nigerian fashion blogger, Asiyami, is a nurse by profession but showcases her talent by starting her own creative agency with the assistance of emerging brands and small companies too. Like other Instagram influencers, She also started her own clothing line called Auu. Since then she has over 300k followers on Instagram.

Fashion influencers are majorly the only people that keep the fashion world in motion. And to become one, you had to have the key which is a large number of followers. Another thing important is your engagement with your account, this could be achieved by high-level inspiration Instagram posts.