Our Top 15 Stylish Picks of Sportswear for Your Workout


When it comes to sports clothing, many gym goers and workout enthusiasts only think of the big brands in the industry. Under Armor, Nike, or Adidas are the ‘usual suspects’ when it comes to buying new gym clothes. And even though these sports clothing brands focus on the stylish side of things as well, that’s not their main priority. Most times, style has to be left aside to favor functionality and excellent results. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find stylish sportswear pieces. We’ve put together 15 examples of some of the best sports clothing and/or sports shoes with an haute couture feel to them.

Alo Yoga Sequence Stretch Bra

While Alo Yoga is far from being an unknown brand, it’s certainly less popular than the giants we mentioned in the introduction. Established in 2007 with the sole purpose of bringing yoga to the world, Alo Yoga made their way in the sports wardrobe of celebrities and fashionistas alike. This sports bra can easily be defined as a contemporary, comfortable piece that’s surely not destined for the gym alone.

Legging with Seamless Contour by Lapp the Brand

If you’ve never heard of Lapp the Brand, it’s not too late to catch the train. This sports clothing online and offline seller is worn by the likes of Rihanna, or Hailey Bieber and that’s just about everything you need to know to make an idea on what these leggings can offer. Leomie Anderson is behind the brand that intents to transform the wellness niche into a more inclusive one.

Heroine Sport’s Iridescent Leggings – Sports Clothing with a Twist

While it may look like it at a first glance, this is not water sports clothing. The iridescent approach makes these leggings look almost liquid. However, we can assure you that they’re designed for the gym and pretty much anywhere you want to feel comfortable.

Sweaty Betty Cropped Gym Vest

This UK brand proposes a gym vest that was designed with the thought of making it cool to sweat. In times when people use all kinds of products to keep sweat away, Sweaty Betty wants to change the paradigm and tries to do so with this cropped gym vest that looks stunning. Also, since we’re talking about a serious brand, you will never have to worry about sports clothing malfunctions of any kind.

ASOS Cotton Leggings

If so far we’ve listed high-end products, it’s time to focus on something accessible to a wider audience. ASOS is one of the sports clothing manufacturers known for providing a full range of clothing and footwear to accommodate any indoor or outdoor activity. However, through products like the Cotton Touch leggings, ASOS proves that they can also step in the stylish area of activewear.

Bike Shorts from Girlfriend Collective

Even though the spring isn’t quite here yet, there’s no point at looking for winter sports clothing right now with just one month of winter to go. We’re focusing on upcoming trends and activities that involve enjoying the sunshine in outdoor activities. That’s why we picked the stretch bike shorts designed by Girlfriend Collective. What can go wrong with a pair of ethically-manufactured activewear that also looks awesome?

All Access – Chorus Sports Bra

The best part about sports clothing design is that you can really go ballistic with colors without a care. It’s clearly the approach All Access went for when creating this magenta/purple stretch sports bra. Too many big brands go for grey or black when the gym should be all about colors and energy.

Lululemon’s Studio Jogger Pants

This lesser-known brand proposes a classic sneaker + jogger pants combination for what aims to be an all-adaptive city sports clothing. While the price tag may not be as low as some may expect, at under 100 pounds for the kit you will get excellent quality and activewear that just won’t quit. Oh, not to mention that you can just as well pick up your kids from school or do some grocery shopping in these just as well.

Mesh Sneaker from Athletic Propulsion Labs

We promised that we’re going to look into the less-popular sports clothing brands out there. But don’t get it wrong and think APL is an anonymous name in the sportswear industry. It’s just at a different level compared to Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor. The Techloom Breeze mesh sneakers place themselves at the meeting point of performance and luxury for footwear that can help you reach your goals in the gym but can also be used for a walk at the mall.

Reebok X Victoria Beckham Tank

You caught us; this piece of sports clothing didn’t need any more praises as it’s already extremely popular due to the collaboration between the two huge names. And, no offense to Reebok, but anything that Victoria Beckham touches is simply deemed for success. With a sleek and smart look, you get an effortlessly-fashionable gym kit for pretty much any occasion.

Adidas X Karlie Kloss Shirt

Indeed, there’s a new Adidas and Karlie Kloss collection available and we’ve chosen their cover-up shirt for its innovative design. The precise cuts and mix of materials make it a great shirt both from working out or just going to work. A great example of city sports clothing that can’t go wrong.

Stretch Leggings from Staud X New Balance

New Balance proved that they can totally master both the comfortable and stylish approaches with their creations. No matter if we’re referring to footwear or other types of sports clothing, the manufacturer has the recipe for success. However, it took things even further through a STAUD collaboration. This partnership takes the NB leggings into a more fashion-forward area and you’ll see that simply by looking at the “V” shape of the stomach.

Outdoor Voices Bomber Jacket

The people at Outdoor Voices are convinced that life is all about movement and the comfort you feel while doing so. The bomber jacket proposed by them comes with mega fleece and it can be easily paired with a soft sports bra and you’ll never go wrong.

Varley Vine Pullover

Why can’t a pullover deliver the mix of performance and style needed for gym and other uses. Varley puts its trust in a bit oversized vine pullover that can be worn both during a morning jog or attending your son’s football game on Sunday. The price tag isn’t exactly low but the cuts are flawless and the materials used will never let you down.

PE Nation Pass Jacket

Have you ever heard of the term athleisure-wear? Well, if the answer is “no”, just Google PE Nation’s pass jacket and you’ll get the point immediately. This manufacturer went for a functional and stylish approach that is rather sophisticated. There’s nothing wrong in taking this jacket when going out for a drink either as it surely passes the “stylish” tests.

After going through these 15 suggestions for activewear that also checks the “stylish” box, all that’s left to do is go to the shops and try them out to find your style. Do you have a sports clothing brand that simply can’t be replaced by anything else? Tell us all about your preferences in the comments section and let’s add even more valuable information to the article!