Top 8 trending Men’s Shoes brand


There are many shoes that should be owned by any man from either a vast Oxford, a lace-up shoes to even a leather sneaker. These everlasting choices are the basis of every good dress. Thankfully, all these designs are perfectly made by some trusty labels. Whether it’s an Italian legacy brand or maybe a young consumer label, these brands have perfected the centuries-old craft of shoe making. These little patterns were taken, mastered and then transformed for the modern man. You will purchase once with these labels and wear them for the rest of the time. Regardless of your style, here are some of your best male shoe brands.


1. New Balance

New Balance often is recognized for its absolute comfort and aesthetics, suitable for those long days of walking or working. These 574s are made with an EVA foam cushion, ultra lightweight that improves comfort to a whole new level. Whilst they’re going to work on traditional casual wear like jeans and teas, you really should go with them. Besides that’s exactly what they’re for. They are a real daily shoe, particularly if you are on your toe. A real comfort is provided by these shoe during long walks.


2. Allen Edmonds Strand

For any of these Allen Edmond Strand Footwear, when you are shopping for flexible dressing shoes to wear at the workplace each day as well as formal occasions. They have a traditional, vintage style and a lot of accessories, such as a perforated brogue pendant and oxford lace. Wear brown leather, walnut leather, cigar leather and more with a variety of themes. These oxfords do not scrimp on convenience although high in style. The leather lining is suitable for men with wide feet. With a wide variety of sizes provided from 7 to 15 along with some other half-size and various width choices, they are generally the preferred choice for most men.


3. Magnanni Leather Monk

Rearrange your closet with the Monk-Strap Dress Shoes Magnanni Leather. They are handmade in Spain by cobblers of the third generation specifically on Saks Fifth Avenue. These dress shoes are perfect for engaging in black and cognac and match all items from the classic black suit to the soft touch of oak or trendy Chinese navy. The handcrafted perforated medallion and fashionable strap are cautiously built with explicit details, giving these shoes an elegant appearance. They , however, do not miss comfort out. With a leather cover and sole, lightweight design and padded insole to match a glove, the shoes cuddle the foot to permit you to move in the middle of the day. And though they are on the more expensive side, the handmade skills make each penny worth this collection.


4. Clarks

Clarks is almost 200 years old in the shoe industry, and the company is still at the forefront and continually subverts its designs to suit new requirements. Their sneaker Hero Air Lace embraces a vintage influenced design. However, they blends it with the technological advances of Active Air, which encourages sweat-free toes’ flow through the foot.


5. Vans

Without considering Vans, we just can not escape from a current trendy footwear catalog. These days, there are not many loose looks that cannot be completed with a pairing. Although colors may change, the tried and true styles remain almost similar  such as these Old school Pros. While a street shoe basically, they give your outfit a touch of Californian charm. They have suede top and ultra high-definition slots if you wear them on your board. Moreover, they come with  a strengthened sole for extra hardness.


6. Ecco Classic Moc II

If you are hunting for dressing shoes to complete an unconventional Wednesday look or sports style, Ecco’s Classic Moc II Venetian Loafers will be your pick. This same elegant shoes have a contrasting White Lining in a traditional coffee leather. People who live in humid or damp environments are especially attractive towards this shoe. Thanks to Ecco’s Comfort Fiber System technology, even though you’re trapped in the shower, your feet will remain dry. Effectively possible, you don’t fall by the rubber sole. Smaller feet, and between sizes people, need to remember the wide running of these shoes. Both measurements are cut to match standard and half sizes from 5-5.5 to 14-14.5.


7. Bear Dev Chelsea

For formal shoes, boots are a perfect substitute. Dev Chelsea Boot from the Bear will help you out with an audacious, fashionable accessory. These suede boots are in black, tobacco or beige, but with a somewhat compact build. They are made in Portugal and provides better strength and endurance and convenience in sizes 7 to 13. They also seem to be readily accessible in Portugal. These shoes might be simple to place on and take off with large elastic side panels. There is also a padding insole that can be removed if you want a custom insole or orthotic. The rubber sole absorbs the shock and provides stability to keep you from sliding on your way.


8. Ted Baker

Ted Baker’s Crecy Suede Loafers are elegant, but still fashionable with an infinity molded leather tassel. Available in three lively colour, each with a colorful ensemble, including zinc, blue and brown. Whatever you wear, these are the excellent solution to casual styles such as boat shoes or sneakers. These slightly sweet and soft driving braces are lined to the utmost comfort in cotton and leather. The brown sole contrasts with leather and rubber that make them suitable for walking. Notice that the size are just 7 to 12 that is  somewhat small.

Men’s footwear plans to introduce youthful footwear professional that deliver elegance without jeopardizing comfort. In short, new versions look like the outside shoe but sound like the relaxed inside sneaker. Today’s product offers aim to introduce young footwear professionals to comfort without compromising style. However, this goal has been attainted by many shoe brands that offer comfortable shoes for men along with style and elegance. Today, there is a vast industry offering shoes for men from day to day routine to special events.