What Fabric To Buy To Make A Skirt


Don’t know what fabric to buy to make a skirt? We are pleased to present you with a series of fabric options for creating beautiful skirts. This is one of the most used women’s garments, and like pants, it is an almost essential element in a closet.

In addition to being stylish, its fit adds curvature and aesthetics to the body. Each type of skirt has the specific objective of highlighting the figure. If you decide to make one, you have to select the correct fabric for the garment model you choose.

What fabric to buy to make a skirt: Aspects to take into account

Before knowing which fabric to buy to make a skirt, you must first choose the right model. To achieve this, you have to find the garment that most favours the body. Whether you have a few curves or a lot of curves, there will be a skirt that will deliver beauty and elegance.

You have to be clear about the objective of the skirt, for example: if you want to add or exaggerate the curves, tube skirts are the right ones. On the other hand, if the objective is to hide thick thighs, the perfect garments are those that do not exceed the knees.

In this sense, each model offers an advantage. Miniskirts, for their part, make the legs gain volume and height. Wearing them with heels creates an elongation effect, that is, the person will look taller. In another case, to hide the weight in the abdomen area, the best are flared skirts.

What fabric to buy to make a skirt: The 6 most popular fabrics

To choose the best clothing fabric, the properties and advantages of each one must be taken into account. The common characteristic that they must possess is comfort, softness and freshness. In addition to this, the fabrics for the skirts must be durable.

Trench coat

If you do not know what fabric to buy to make a skirt, then a quick and safe option is gabardine. It is a diagonal fabric made of synthetic fibre, cotton and wool that is extremely resistant to external elements. It has a smooth surface and a ribbed one, which makes it perfect for pencil skirt models.

The weave is well-fitted and tight, which prevents the appearance of chafing or frayed threads. It also has an action against deterioration caused by use and time. Its opaque or luminous tones lend elegance to the garment, making it ideal for a business outing or an appointment in a high-class restaurant.


Satin is an ideal fabric for pencil skirts due to its striking sheen and softness to the touch. It is a fabric from cotton with which robes, lingerie, nightdresses, nightgowns, and much more are made. It is easy to iron and has good flexibility.

It should be noted that satin is an easy fabric to manipulate due to its lightness. It is for this reason that it is considered a versatile and useful material. This fabric can also originate from silk, polyester, and nylon.

The world of fashion always offers garments with satin, because despite the years, it never ceases to be relevant. If this fabric is used, it is advisable to wash it dry or with a gentle cycle in cold water, otherwise, it could be damaged.


When you don’t know what fabric to buy to make a skirt, Sainly suggests to choose the one that is more resistant. Denim, also known as denim, is one of the toughest and most popular fabrics on the market. With a good thickness and diagonal weave, this material is perfect for making short skirts.

They do not require regular ironing and their properties make them resistant to use, time, external elements and high or low temperatures. It has a great capacity for adaptation, you can even make crafts with denim fabric, dresses, pants, ornaments, etc.


The batiste fabric is ideal for creating short or long executive skirts. For this type of model, soft and delicate fabrics are required that adapt to the natural curvature of the body. In addition to highlighting the figure, it gives the user a mature and professional appearance.

The fabric, known as linen thread, is characterized by its good drape and high resistance. It is usually used for making children’s clothing, lingerie, bedspreads, etc. Users who decide to opt for this fabric can keep it in top condition with a gentle wash cycle without bleach.


The question of what fabric to buy to make a skirt can be easily answered if you have an idea about the model to be made. In this sense, if the objective is to make an executive garment, then acetate could be a good option.

It is an extremely shiny artificial material that bears similarities to silk. One of its greatest advantages is that it does not wrinkle with any type of movement.

Also, it maintains its shape at all times, making it almost impossible to shrink or fade during washing. Its luxurious appearance and its properties make this fabric the right choice for the creation of skirts.


To make a long skirt that allows freedom of movement, the best choice of fabric is Crepe. It is a fabric with a rough and grainy texture, which can be a bit rough to the touch. However, it is extremely fluid, thin, light, and elastic and has an elegant drape.

It is very popular because it supports embroidery and does not deteriorate. It can last like new for a long period of time. Likewise, it has a quick drying action. In the world of fashion, this fabric is used for suits, wedding dresses and skirts.