10 Tips On How To Wear Leggings The Right Way


Leggings are a multi utility wear if used to its maximum potential. You can work out many outfits from formal to casual to fancy party outfits to almost everything. The comfy leggings have a number of reasons to be in trend, they actually fit everywhere, they aren’t pants, but they can be! They aren’t tights, but they can work in that place! 

Your comfy stylish leggings can rule your wardrobe, but you need to know how to wear them so you can be stylish and trendy all at once. 

Here are some ideas you can club to get the perfect look with those leggings. 

1. Mix and match 

One of the most important features of leggings is that they fit everywhere and with everything. They can be everything you like them to, pair them with crop top or hoodie, with sneakers to give yourself an active look. You can carry it with a statement top as pants and carry it with a fancy dinner date night look. Be creative while pairing it up, you can go with the same colours or contrast it with uppers, make it the base of the outfit or just an add on, for instance wearing a black skin fit see through leggings with bright coloured mini skirt. Find where you can bring out your touch into it. 

2. Colour Palette 

Try to pick more dark colours when buying leggings, unless you need a brighter shade for a specific outfit. The darker shades provide you more freedom to fit it with other clothing pieces. You can pair a balck leggings with almost every color and sometimes with major styles. These provide a basic look, you can now pair a loose grey t-shirt with the leggings, or can pair it up with white fit crop top. Brighter colours are surely not prohibited but have lesser application and coordination. You need a specific plan to carry the lighter shades. 

3. Know when to use what

Every single type of leggings are worth wearing but when paired properly. See-through leggings are suited as an add on, or another layer, instead of the base of any outfit. You can pair it with dresses or skirts, don’t go with statement tops or crop tops. They are more for a classy and sexy look, rather than making it an active or casual look. Whereas solid leggings are more appropriate with t-shirts, crop tops, sweatshirts, or t-backs. You can try pairing them up with blazers or overcoats to give it a formal look.this does not restrict you to a pattern, do not fall under a single style, change it with your changing moods.  

4. Length matters!

Mind the length of leggings and nature of the outfit. You need to pair both of them exactly how they are supposed to. A short pair of leggings will not go if you want to pair them with crop tops or replacing pants with them, you need a long length. An ankle length will do with sweatshirts or if you are typically pairing it up for an athleisure look. Pairing it with a tunic, or cardigan you need long lengths. It’s totally up to what you pair it with. That’ s an important thing to keep in mind while choosing an outfit. 

5. Don’t compromise with comfort !

Never ever compromise your comfort for style. Though most comfy leggings can be uncomfortable at times, either too tight or over sized. Know what suits best for your body and preferences. Don’t compromise even if it is in the trend, or looks exactly how that model wore it on the magazine cover. You can look for another fabric that fits but does not make it a discomfort. Look for spandex or more stretchy yet breathable fabric, especially for activewear. If it suffocates your skin, too tight on your waist or doesn’t fit on the thighs, DO NOT WEAR IT. 

6. Know the perfect fit 

With colour palette and length, there are patterns that you need to know what can be worn when. Don’t wear too bold patterns or neon colours on a casual fit, keep it exclusive for workout sessions. They can be paired with similar patterned cord sets, or basic coloured sports bra and crop tops. Sometimes with crop hoodies or basic coloured t-shirts. But do not carry them with tunics or skirts or casual tops, they won’t fit that way. Patterned and neon leggings have their beauty if worn at the very right place.

7. Avoid damaged leggings

Even if your upper piece is covering that portion or you have fixed it some way, don’t wear damaged or leggings with holes and torn off portions. We understand sometimes we love a piece way too much to reject it, it fits good, or it looks the best. But with leggings the risk to manage the holes or torn off portion is too high as they are made to fit you, with not enough loose strings, this can rip off the portion anytime. Save yourself from the risk, do not ever take any chances with leggings. 

8. Put some add ons 

Add something more to your outfit. It can be a baseball cap or sunglasses, that adds to your look. Try pairing different shoes, boots, sneakers, heels, anything that compliments it more. Every little add on can change the vibe of your fit, a baseball cap will make it more street styled, on the other hand heels can make it look classy. 

9. Give them a regular wash !

No it’s not a joke, seriously, wash your leggings regularly. Wearing them all the time the sweat and heat may stretch the threats way too much. Washing them will relax it and put it in the original shape. Since they are worn regularly, they can be damaged too soon if not taken care of properly. 

 10. Own your style 

Trying to fit in the norms can be really boring and actually dehumanizing sometimes. To be you is to be unique, own your creativity. Don’t fall under any category, let your leggings decide the rest of the outfit. Wear what attracts you or works for you even if it’s totally against the set rules. There are no rules when it comes to comfort and your expression through your attire. Be beautifully unapologectical, be you!  

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